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ZAC: full-cycle production

ZAC’s business outlook is oriented towards diversification. The strong point of any industrial process is the production cycle, complete from project to packaging, made possible by efficient internal production, the consultancy of a specialized firm of designers and a consolidated network of trustworthy suppliers. Cornerstone of the strategy and organization is flexibility which, centred on internal staff mobility and ability to adapt, enables ZAC to cater to numerous requests.

Experience and quality

ZAC has consolidated its experience in industrial cold metalworking by expanding business from household products to the automotive, hydraulic, home appliance and IT sectors. The growth and specialization achieved currently enable the company to complete the entire production cycle in a precise and reliable way, from the initial project right through to end packaging. Thanks to UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 certificate, production activities undergo controls to ensure these are performed in the large and suitable spaces required by European standards on work environments.


Ability to manage change, adapt to new scenarios and constant skill updating. This is the right mix which, together with internal mobility and the development of cross skills, enables us to perform any metalworking job to cater to any project requirement, from large-scale production to small batches.